None of us create ourselves, and precious few of us raise ourselves. That's even more true of giant kidneys. I'd like to thank the following people from the bottom of my heart - er, kidney:
Halley Hopkins: You knew, long before I did, that the world needed to see a giant kidney. And you put me in touch with the people who made it happen. You are a true catalyst. Thank you.

Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar of ThreadBanger: You made me what I am today, and shipped my skin to Albany, NY, just in time for my first Walk for PKD. You guys are awesome. I can't thank you enough, because without you, I wouldn't be here to feel gratitude. Or, really, anything at all. What Dr. Frankenstein was to his monster, you two are to me.

Adam Quirk: You donated your time and camera skills to film me in my first trips outside, and edited the footage, adding music and effects, to create the first Kenny videos. You wrote a song for me. Thank you.

Ramy Youssef: You volunteered to film me, and picked me up from the train station day after day, sharing your creative ideas and your sense of fun to create "The World Has Turned." Your spirit is infectious, your generosity is inspiring, and your future is bright because of how you spend your time in the present. Thank you.

Kyle Kolich: You worked with Ramy to bring this video to life, bringing the camera to Times Square and bringing your ready smile everywhere we went. Thank you.

Jonathan Braylock: You gave us your time, you gave me all the water I needed, and when PKD destroyed my career, you lent me your living room. Thank you.

Chris Catoya: You helped us film, helped us smile, and gave the video the music it needed. Thank you.

Claire D'Aoust: You gave of your time and expertise to visit, talk, and help redesign the site. Thank you.

Yoshifumi Uemura: You brought Claire's designs and Travis's concepts to life on the site. Thank you.

Travis Donia: When I told you I wanted to draw attention to PKD, you helped me think that through. You put me in touch with Halley Hopkins, who put me in touch with Rob and Corinne. You built me a web site, and then supervised and worked on the redesign. You're that rare bird: An understated rock star. Thank you.

Susan Magnano and Peter Downing: You both took a chance on inviting a giant kidney to walk around the World Science Festival. Thank you.

Ray Lindenberg, Angela & Dominick Olivo, Claire Karwan-Cutting, Ceasar Bagui, Bertha and everyone over at Select Office Suites: If a giant kidney could hold a paying job, I'd rent an office at SOS. You guys are the most welcoming office crew anyone could ask for. Your parties, your smiles, your warmth, your laughter. And to see you show up at last October's TriState Walk, on that cold day, carrying a stuffed penguin -- I was so happy I was almost embarrassed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continuing support. You guys rock!!

hint: You took care of a kidney's greatest need: You kept me hydrated. Thank you.

Victoria Brazell: As my manager's good-humored wife, you've supported his frequent absences. When I needed to crash, you gave me a spot behind your futon. Your ready smile is a soothing balm in a hard world. I love you almost as much as my manager does. Thank you.

And to all those who smile when they see me, let me use the Emergency Exit door to get on and off the subway, let me use a rest room, let me know when a cyst falls off, and donate whatever you can to end PKD and save my brothers and sisters: Thank you. Thank you all. You've shown me that the world isn't always as unfriendly as I'd feared, when I first jumped off the operating table. Your donations will cure my kidney siblings. And your smiles warm my soul.